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What is mine Bitcoin? What hardware is needed to mine Bitcoin?

The fever is growing higher Bitcoin, newspaper pages, forums constantly posting information through this virtual currency soles.

But what is Bitcoin peach, its huge economic benefits, as well as to want to dig what devices need Bitcoin, will surely very few people know?
Dig Bitcoin is the processing and confirmation of payment on the network of Bitcoin, as well as confirming the transaction and stored on the Blockchain system. Bitcoin network opens up a real race for investors, with the person digging Bitcoin must compete with others to solve the problem that the system put in place.
Each block Bitcoin exploit bounty equivalent to the cost of transactions that they handle. This figure is currently 12.5 bitcoin/blocks, i.e. more than 11,000 USD. With such big prize money, the competition between the "miners" more and more fierce. At the same time, the dig Bitcoin help for investors to prevent Double Spending, is to understand something of the transaction at the same time with two other investors Besides confirming the transaction.
In General, to dig is Bitcoin, users only need to use a common application. However, in the present time, there have been a number of custom hardware for the extraction of Bitcoin. This equipment helps create new cubes and process transactions in less time. We must handle these problems particularly complicated to confirm transactions and attached to the string Blockchain.
In the present time are the hundreds of thousands of supercomputer system constantly solve to exploit blocks Bitcoin next. We have also no stranger to the continuous investments to upgrade the CPU and GPU power systems that they have in hand because the strength calculation of the Bitcoin system to the powerful CPU users must follow to get there. In these two elements is the CPU and GPU, then in digging, Bitcoin GPU more important. Setting up multiple graphics cards on the same computer that will give out the powertrain efficiency. Many people said that the digging machine money will exploit the most GPU, CPU, RAM or Mainboard the rest just a bit on the base level is fine.
A good CPU in the dig Bitcoin is capable CPU power savings, while it only needs to gain strength in a certain level. The decode function requires good multitasking activities, and thereby, if not "dead money", you have to find a way to investment performance. By that reason, Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). This is a specialized processing chips extraction Bitcoin with extremely efficient decoding. Currently, the bitcoin miner (miner Bitcoin) figured out how to link the power together, created the mining pool (mine exploitation), the earliest successful decoding and divide profits according to per capita.
Want to dig the Bitcoin effectively, players have to invest in the under 50 million for a water buffalo plows-term are set for training people PC. There are two types of the most common PC set in the present, called blue and Red Buffalo Buffalo. Blue Buffalo has 6 VGA included Colorful GTX 1060 6 GB Mining 2 Fan, Mainboard Colorful H81A-BTC V20, CPU Intel Celeron G1840, RAM of 4 GB SSD 60 GB, Colorful, 1600 bus PSU Raidmax 1200W and Riser USB 006c. The riser is the yarn that VGA games 100 thousand/VGA connection from the fibers down main.
Red Buffalo configuration includes 6 ASUS Radeon RX 570 Expedition OC Edition 4 GB, Gigabyte B85M Mainboard, while D3V-CPU, RAM, SSD are similar to the profile of green Buffaloes. Both configured with GTX 1060 and RX 570 OC is for digging 20-30 higher performance% compared to a normal. Besides, GTX VGA 1060 can be replaced by 1050, 1070 1080 or GTX. Similarly, RX 570 can be replaced by 470, 480, 380 R9 RX or 280X.
Some parameters can be changed, such as CPU Celeron G1480 to save power, Main Hi-Fi Biostar H81S2 also fitted with 6 cards as often. Attaching quite complex, but also there are relatively many images on the network to the "miner" reference. The framework for this system can be aluminum or steel. Currently, Starhub Internet Data Center (abbreviated as Viettel IDC) has also provided services for the rental server dig Bitcoin.
The software requires, need to use the Windows operating system 7 to 10, Linux or Mac comes stable Internet, are the active set complete driver, turn off the firewall but have to clean the virus software, spyware or malicious firmware.

Buy coin machine dedicated

Excavator VGA.
Shape excavator is favored in Vietnam and was investing massively there is the PC is attached to one or more VGA has a strong profile. Then install the software on this machine and it runs mining 24/7 to it dug out other virtual currency and the bitcoin.
Dig is several kinds of virtual money (often at least one dig bitcoin because it has difficulty level so high that one focus of the low-value coins, but easier to dig than many as EXP, ETH, ETC, XMR...).
This is usually the powerful VGA, after 1-2 years of high-performance VGA out more than can get auctioned for the gamers are still a very price to buy new VGA continue hoeing.
The high price, power consumption and more, running hot, nor speed with your dedicated ASIC.
Configure a machine digging coins by popular VGA:
CPU Intel Celeron because not much used to the CPU
Main professional bitcoin has 6-7 PCI slot to plug the VGA.
RAM 4 GB compatible Main.
AMD VGA with the amount depending on the slot. Current (5/2017) then the VGA RX 570 is optimized for.
SSD or HDD to install win software and mining. Priority support SSD hot-and less wear.
1200W PSU-1300W real capacity, there is enough wire power supply 6pin respectively for VGA.
The wire connection from good to type riser PCI to VGA.
Iron shelves and fans sort of good to the radiator for the system.
Excavator ASIC.
ASIC an abbreviation of an application-specific integrated circuit in English is a term that only the dedicated integrated circuit in electronics. Excavator ASIC's designed dedicated training purposes only every Coin also does not do anything else.
People who would normally not like VGA plowing appeared ASIC are dug coin. The reason the VGA doesn't like ASIC because when ASIC layout is VGA will have to turn other coin series to run, if not shut down due to power saving ASIC. There are many types of machine with integrated source available or have to buy a separate source plugged in, request depending on the capacity of the machine, but must have a 6 pin port. Themselves encourage buy private sources to stabilize, and the latter has thrown the machines also make use of the source.
Peach high speed, energy saving, the price cheaper than excavator VGA variety (but also the range PH range 1 excavator VGA along capacity). The same amount of power consumption can be fold 2 or 3 times discretionary VGA type Coin.
Usually, 1 excavator ASIC only dug a kind of coin or a few coins of the same algorithms as ETH and ETC, if the coin of your ASIC drops below the money or die then considered throw away your always because very difficult to liquidate. In Vietnam also has no official distributor, only portable goods warranty 3 months should the technical risk is also very high.