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What is bitcoin? Is investment in Bitcoin safe?

Bitcoin has appeared since 2008 and it is beginning to accept in trade from the year 2010.

Through nearly 10 years of boom and developed until today about the investment still dang fever each day with it. Not only private about investing that anyone knows it also does not want to ignore this transition period. So what is bitcoin? Now invest bitcoin safe? Let's follow the article below to get a more comprehensive look at it.
Something about Bitcoin you should concern
1. What is Bitcoin?
- Bitcoin was founded by an organization/person named Satoshi Nakamoto. Up to the present moment, apart from the name of yet one more information about his father to of the bitcoin.
- Bitcoin is an electronic currency, first appeared in 2008. Bitcoin is used to Exchange, trading through the internet. And not management or bitcoin control by any nation, the Agency would run out.
- To earn money-up Bitcoin waves about this time investment.
2. Is investment in Bitcoin safe?
His first please confirm you've invested always parallel with the risks and challenges, new opportunities. If I told you to make investments go, rest assured, the profit returns to fold n ... then I'm sorry that is the only form of deception like many people out there. Honest, I've never seen anyone learn and according to dare say that investment. The answer is not known, they also know this floor ever crashes, or increased or reduced, bitcoin tomorrow and increase how much? Not an expert investor would dare promise you that and so. But here I will share with you his perspective from which you consult and decide whether to invest in bitcoin?
2.1. Bitcoin - why should we use it?
Bitcoin is highly liked by users the fast and convenience of it. Just there for coin internet connection, you can send money to your loved ones wherever and whenever that is not governed by anyone. Moreover, bitcoin unlimited the amount you sent. You can send how many depends on you.
+ Safety and security: use the bitcoin you don't need any paperwork transactions, your anonymity is guaranteed. That's why we're hackers or the use of this money.
+ Width: At the present time there have been many countries use bitcoin and it was up to the global wave.
2.2. Disadvantages of the bitcoin
+ Due to the currency no one control or management should hackers or hackers can steal it on the trading floor.
+ Use internet technology platform, it is a hard thing for many people.
2.3. The potential of the bitcoin
Bitcoin chart from 2013 to present
Look at the chart you will see clearly the volatility of Bitcoin through those years.
His congratulations if you are a person who has known bitcoin from quite early and decided to invest in it, by yourself believe you also have to be a fortune for his own. Also if you know from the previous or the new hour bitcoin knew and decided to find out, don't be sad. Because at least you're here.
There is a truth that if you come once you join in this game you have lost a lot of opportunities. Because the more people know, the more your small piece of cake back, that's the rule.
Guidance on how to limit the risk of bitcoin
How to play the Bitcoin as to how effective the limited risks are that the problem is the community of virtual currency investors Bitcoin interest. Still know Bitcoin is an extremely potential market, bringing about high profits for investment at the present time and in the future, but you know "supposedly Benefit" and "risks" are the two elements together the higher the profits, risks will also be high, although you play or invest anything well so does Bitcoin. Therefore, the choice of using Bitcoin how to gain high profits and limit the risks to a minimum is essential.
Why people play Bitcoin encounter risks?
Why people invest Bitcoin encounter risk is because the market Bitcoin is an investment market is still fairly new, the ways of investment and its operating method different than the commonly used payment methods available today. Besides, most people who play Bitcoin high-risk encounter because they are new people learn not to know how to play the Bitcoin, unknown how effective investment. The causes leading to risks for players Bitcoin include subjective and objective causes.
1. Objective reasons
Objective causes are because Bitcoin is very new electronic money, as in Vietnam, the policies and the market stable, yet still much doubt surrounding the electronic currencies, exchange rate fluctuations up and down regular Bitcoin dizziness. Therefore, some countries also tighten the policy. That's the cause for Bitcoin are not sharp are easy to fail in business.
2. Subjective reasons
The subjective cause is because the players have yet to learn the digital market and the method of operation of the Bitcoin, didn't even mind coin nature what is bitcoin? History of him also not to know. Along with that is the method, the irrational investment strategy, no standby when the risk, so that has caused the investment rush play risk and lead to failed business. Not only with what realm that any Bitcoin likewise doesn't grasp the market will go bankrupt.
So how to limit the maximum risk when playing Bitcoin?
Basics first for the players you need proper understanding is Bitcoin and articulate about it. You will never win a game when you don't understand the rules of the game, understand his opponent is. So the first thing for you right now is Let's learn thoroughly, as much information as possible about the money as well as the activities related to it. Learn about how it works, how volatility market, rates of daily Bitcoin, ... then decided to invest. The market is stable and yet present Bitcoin pretty much volatility should the regular information update is extremely important to find timely solutions in all cases risks occur. With the starters playing the Bitcoin should select how to play safe as getting Bitcoin free from reputable websites instead of investing a large amount of money on this channel.
If capital investment decisions on capital investments should only Bitcoin redundancies so as not to affect the financial situation if these fluctuations occur and can this investment amount to a longer wait for rates to rise.
Some note when dealing Bitcoin:
If you have ever known will Bitcoin transactions for Bitcoin it used to store and transaction Bitcoin simply and quickly. For Bitcoin is a form of electronic money should most transactions are done online via a computer network, so you need to find the address reputable, reliable and be community players to use Bitcoin transactions avoid the risks. For new people should set priorities deals with friends, relatives. In no case should the relatives friends deal with the trade from $ floor room of reputation on the market? In the case of transactions with these individuals also need credibility required to provide records, transaction history to ensure the transaction is the right person to avoid the case of counterfeit seized property.