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The game of chance from the investment Bitcoin

Bitcoin, sort of the world's most popular virtual money has increased the price of non-code within the last 7 years.

On 22/5/2010 the first time is Bitcoin traded when the programmer uses 10,000 Hanyecz Laszlo Bitcoin to buy 2 pizza price $30. The value of a Bitcoin at that just about 0.003 cents.
Why does the Bitcoin attract the investor?

As of 31/7/2017, the value of a Bitcoin has over $2,700-news about more than 61 million. I.e. in 7 years Bitcoin tripled ... 90 million times the value, not the currency or investment channels would increase sharply. 10,000 Bitcoin buy 2 pizza in 2010 currently worth the equivalent of more than 27 million USD!
The story about the students or officers buy Bitcoin with only a few thousand dollars and for that, many years after account opening out has the money really makes people million excitement. Super profit expectations led the virtual money became a craze. Who much money invested to surf the virtual money as interest income on securities, and the little guy's money then buys virtual money and to then ... wait time.
Investing in Bitcoin is also very simple, people who buy through some intermediary trading specializes in providing this type of money, register an account and be issued an electronic wallet. Then, the buyer transfers from your bank account on the wallet and buying Bitcoin. Due to the exchange rate increase/decrease Bitcoin in real time, the buyer can soup up for sale at a price.
Type into Google the keyword "Bitcoin" you will get back the results of the numberless trading floor this kind of money. Information about Bitcoin constant also appearing on the news website and even television, from which weave around the crannies known more and more.
The game of chance.
Bitcoin, as well as other virtual money, are not under a country's management mechanism or organization at all. So many people have been using the virtual money on bad purposes, is typical of money laundering.
And trading events Bitcoin BTC-E stopped operations in the past days have demonstrated the accuracy of assessment. Admins decks BTC-E Alexender Vinnik have been U.S. authorities arrested in a coastal fishing village in northern Greece. Charges for allegations that Vinnik is using Bitcoin to rinse at least 4 billion dollars from illegal activities throughout the from 2011 the year to date.
Report of the Department of Justice (DOJ) said: "the BTC trading floor-E is a large-scale money laundering Organization for many crime corporations around the world. Vinnik uses this tool to convert cash into categories such as Bitcoin USD, EURO or Russian ruble ".
Event ORGANIZERS-E floor collapsed were predominant not only with the world but also the Bitcoin community released impact to these investors. Millions of Dollars in investment more likely is a long way back, or in the worst case is going to take white.
One investor said he stuck the money about $100,000 in BTC-E. However, this is just the "normal" figure by having people who are stuck to the millions of Dollars but not out.
"If only people speak up about losing money on Facebook, then a number of Vietnamese investors are stuck in BTC-E have up to a million dollars. But there are still hundreds of others not to speak out and the amount of money they poured into this major lots, "he adds.
Notably, BTC-E was considered a trading floor Bitcoin with world-leading time for over a decade. Investors on the BTC-E have appreciated this floor and considered this a prestigious investment channel.
The floor stopped working caused many "sock" and also demonstrates the fragility of the system virtual money in the world. Bring proper "virtual", the money system as Bitcoin can crash at any time, carrying the entire assets of the investors.
Even the terms of the virtual money trading system have also mentioned the risks when investing. With a currency not under the official monetary system and not the law of the country would control all risks customers must bear ".
About 5 years there have been dozens of virtual money transaction system disappeared bring huge damage on the economy. Including names like ILCoin, Swiscoin, M5, ... However, the daily number of people involved in investing in the new trading floor stays up to hundreds of people who do believe in the prospect of "profitable" is that the kind of virtual money.
Risks from virtual currency?
The appearance of virtual money created many opportunities but no less of a challenge in controlling the flow of money, the risks incurred in payment and safe operation of the banking system.
The emergence of electronic money, virtual money has created more opportunities, challenges in controlling the flow of money, the risks incurred in payment and safe operation of the banking system, especially the tendency of the financial activities of technological applications of the organizations are not banks (non-bank) are well developed.
not long ago, Anti-Malware Research Group of Kaspersky Lab recently identified two botnets on computers infected with malware and they install the software silently dig virtual money legally used to create virtual money ("mine") based on blockchain technology.
In one case, network security experts recently identified two botnets on computers infected with malicious software. Cybercriminals are secretly installed software to dig virtual money on thousands of personal computers.
Research results of the Kaspersky Lab experts also show that behind the new botnet is discovered, the crime of exploitation of software distribution with the help of the program software adware that victims are voluntarily setting. After the program is adware is installed on the victim's computer it downloads a malicious component installer to mine money.
This component installs software to exploit virtual money and also, made a number of activities to ensure that the software works as long as possible. This specific activity is trying to disable the security software; Keep track of all the applications launch and suspension of the operation of our own if a program monitoring the activities or process control system was started. At the same time, make sure the copy of the software virtual money digging always present on the hard drive and restore it if it is deleted.