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The civil war between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited

Bitcoin Core wants to upgrade the Bitcoin, allows higher global amount through an upgrade called Segregated Witness (SegWit).

This has to be done by upgrading the software used by the miner (people). If more than 95% of the energy value of the hash (digital education) through the upgrade will be fastened to the Blockchain of the Bitcoin and fully enabled.
Bitcoin has become a Viking, a monument. But out there, the guys worry about application development, then adding more features, then born. If not evolve according to, but will be left. The market has proven that.
Bitcoin Core

Segregated Witness is 1 upgrade help Bitcoin adapted to formal acceptance, and it also opens the way for the Lightning to be network enabled assist faster transactions and number.
This has caused a lot of conflicts when many believe that it will make focus Bitcoin potential because the software upgrade will be put under the control of the Bitcoin Core.
Bitcoin Core insight about the need of upgrading Bitcoin as soon as possible, this solution has created a level of focus, but the answer of the Core for this issue is has a lot of the platform focusing on the Protocol Bitcoin, as Coinbase and the Chinese trading floor, said that the Chinese Government has enacted laws and regulations on margin transactions.
Understand that the core work of official acceptance is impossible with the current dilemma.
Bitcoin Unlimited
Very similar to the Classic, with only very minor differences, make Unlimited different forms of rest is the thing that is in the name itself has been talking to.
In contrast with the size 1 MB Unlimited currently allows users to determine the ownership of them, this is a democratic approach to reach the expansion the more mandatory way is Bitcoin upgrades for the software giant.
Ironically, of course, there are some limitations on the size block for Unlimited, like limitations on the creation of the block, takes 1 MB of the miner, but the miner can still choose the manual divides these limitations.
Although the block size decision by the user, the miner using Unlimited used the conventional size of the Block.
The developers from both branches of software share the same vision about the Bitcoin, but the question is how to fix the problem when the forever expanding Bitcoin.
The Civil war between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited
The Fund declined led ETF Bitcoin investors shifted to the other potential than the Cryptocurrency type as the Ethereum and Dash. The result is the type of this Cryptocurrency increased more than 30 percent in value during the past days.
Tensions in the community Bitcoin escalate as co-founder of BitMain is Jihan Wu-a company manufacturing excavator leading with Bitcoin product line Antminer, has declared on Twitter that "BitMain will navigate the full power of his calculations to tap the block Bitcoin Unlimited ". At present BitMain is the owner of Antpool-one of the mining-pool world leader with market share of about 15% of all blocks of the Bitcoin is found.
The announcement of Wu has shaken the market, creating more attention than the Bitcoin Fund ETF declined. That has made the entire capital goods market Altcoin increase to us $5 billion.
The most recent time is 6 months before the Ethereum peaked in the context of the same investors involved in the Fund. On the floor Poloniex-one of the leading Altcoin, the floor has recorded the highest peak in the history of the pair ETH/BTC 0.0253. Also in Bitfinex of HongKong, the culmination of the ETH/USD pair is $30.6.
Not only the leading Altcoin, Ethereum potential such as Dash, Monero, MAID, Zcash growth ... also 2 numbers in percentage values. Only Ripple almost no response to the situation of the market.
The type of Cryptocurrency other less attention on the floor Poloniex as GNT-token distribution network of computer resources or Golem REP-token of software predict market Augur; both operate on the Ethereum's Blockchain, there was an astonishing return to 18% after gradually faded for investors Poloniex. There is also Namecoin-a kind of Cryptocurrency focus on distributed DNS network, gradually over time the idea from the year 2015, but Namecoin came back with surprising numbers of 250%.
Some investors, analysts, and supporters of the Bitcoin has vehemently objected to the line of tweet Jihan Wu. In which Vinny Lingham, he argued that extremely dangerous, all will terminate all results predict Bitcoin in 2017 and goodbye $3.000 figure.
Meanwhile, some investors started to withdraw the foot away from the market due to much suspicion Bitcoin risks if Bitcoin is Hard Fork. Bitcoin transactions still price stabilization in the amplitude $1220.
Readers should note that the risks of current Bitcoin Fork Hard very low, but it is noteworthy because the node support for Bitcoin Unlimited has sharply increased in the last 2 months. Meanwhile, the Core still accounts for the whole of the Bitcoin nodes and steadfast upgrade version Soft Fork Segwit. The war between the Core and the Bitcoin Bitcoin Unlimited just started ...
If a day on CoinMarketCap appear BTCU code (Bitcoin Unlimited)?
Everyone must be aware of the situation until now Bitcoin. Bitcoin will never achieve $3.000-$2.000 even as the SaxoBank predictions. All just a fantasy market. Of course, investors – have a lot of money, not stupid that participated in a market full of illusions. They are awake, they come and go after getting enough profit. That is also the reason the SEC to deny Funds to protect-ETF Bitcoin consumers. For Bitcoin complete solved math block size, everything can go forward.
Bitcoin just builds you to become "a means of payment, a store of value", there is no longer what other ambitions. Many people use the Bitcoin, many places accept payment using Bitcoin, lots, and lots. But the block size of the Bitcoin just 1 MB?
That makes the transaction congestion occur frequently. To be preferred miners confirmed the transaction, some people have raised the level of transaction costs as a way to bribe. Those who would lower transaction costs, of course, is being suspended. And then people saw the other rising I increases, things went too far when growing transaction fee. An attacker would then switch to wise payments made other cryptocurrencies type. Transfer 100 billion cross-border travel by Bitcoin on 2-3 loss is too great, but the payment for 1 cup of coffee takes on 2-3 then too bad. No one accepts that.