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The way people use the Bitcoin face Hard Fork storm

Immediately after Hard Fork, there will be plenty For the money for both types of coins.

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Of course, you may need to upgrade your current wallet or you download the new Purse if this happens.
If the majority of the miners moved on to digging and mining decision Bitcoin blocks larger than 1 megabyte, while at least some users still use current Bitcoin Protocol, network and blockchain can be divided into two parts. In that case, there can be two types of Bitcoin: "BTC", followed by the Protocol and the current "BTU" Bitcoin, followed 1 protocol the new Unlimited Bitcoin.
The good news is that every current bitcoin will be copied into the string Bitcoin Unlimited. If you keep the bitcoin right now, you will keep both the BTC and BTU after Hard Fork.
The bad news is if bitcoin separated can happen much disturbance and risk. This mainly because, at first, all the ORGANIZERS and all the BTU will be stuck together. You will need to separate them somehow. Otherwise, you can take the ORGANIZER or BTU.
This article will give you the basics to keep safe during the process of Division of bitcoin and ensure that you move it to the "other side" with both the BTC and BTU intact.
If you decide to keep your bitcoin, the most important part of this advice is: take control of your private key.
If you are hosting your bitcoin on the trading floor, e.g. Coinbase, Circle or the Xapo, or any other service hold the key for you, you may or may not receive money at both ends of the chain. Some exchanged so far suggests you can but had not made bail. And GDAX trading floor at least, have shown clearly that you can't.
If you are using any type of service to his bitcoin archive, you need to create 1 for his own. Send your bitcoin wallet new arrival. For now, keep your private key.
Type for you want to use depends on you. Here is some basic solution:
1. If at any time you are not dealing with BTC or BTU, and really just want to keep both as a long-term investment, whether in your personal keys on the paper wallet is an option. However, this option is only really safe if you follow the strict precautions which you can find here.
2. A better option is to get a good hardware. Any such hardware would be listed on the will keep your private key in a secure manner. A special hardware provider, Trezor, has clearly acknowledged that users will have access to their money at both ends of the chain if the split occurs.
3. Let's move right to use Such software on the computer, for those who often have the habit of storing Bitcoin on the purse of the phone (actually I never to a large amount of money on Such of the phone ever It is extremely insecure), such as Core or Bitcoin Bitcoin Knots it'll help your Bitcoin safe than the number when that happens of splitting. In addition, you can also reference add in that a selection of the best wallets to store.
In any case: Please make sure that you back up your courses! Most of them for all require you to do this when installing. Do not skip this step.
In the process of dividing bitcoin
If Fork Bitcoin Unlimited, everything can become clutter in any place in a few hours, a few days, or longer.
Bitcoin Unlimited couldn't resist Reply Attack. This means that the transaction on the system Blockchain will be reflected the contrary on the other Blockchain systems and you can afford to lose in the Bitcoin process transactions at this time. So whether you use Bitcoin on Blockchain this party system will also inadvertently always spending the remaining Blockchain on bitcoin. More specifically, when the ORGANIZERS paid for someone, you will pay the corresponding BTU. This is how the BTC and BTU "stuck together".
The best way to prevent Reply Attack simply should not make any transactions until Hard Fork complete and stable.
In the case, you use For Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Knots, you can still pay by the ORGANIZER (you will send to the wrong BTU if not grasp this action).
On the other hand, Bitcoin Unlimited could not resist destruction. If the volume of extraction capacity in the BTC chain crossed the chain, the whole chain BTU BTU will be removed (unless the user on the chain of coordination BTU quick enough to recognize the extraordinary changes).
Until the Bitcoin Unlimited still unclear use of BTU is very dangerous, so if not master the knowledge then you shouldn't pour cornered into BTU too much.
After the split the Bitcoin
If both the chain Blockchain co-exist and you are still holding the private-key, you will be the owner of 2 types of bitcoin. As has been said above about the problem Reply Attack, when spending 1 type Bitcoin you will unwittingly spend always kind of Bitcoin.
Fortunately, there are ways to avoid Reply Attack. The most simple solution requires the Council of the new is exploited Bitcoin after separation. The new coin is the only coin did not exist on both Blockchain. Combining the new and the old bitcoin will help combat the risk of Reply Attack.
The Division of this coin can, and maybe a bit complex. But there will be some trades provide services split, help things become simpler with users. You need only send your bitcoin to the trading floors, and trading floors will burn into your account with the BTC and the BTU. (They should even playback transaction for you, to make sure they actually get your money and can split for you.) If you want to, now you can sell your BTU to BTC (or USD), or vice versa.
There may also be other solutions to your bitcoin separation in case of the bitcoin separated, even not reliable solutions.
Immediately after Hard Fork, there will be plenty For the money for both types of coins. Of course, you may need to upgrade your current wallet or you download the new Purse if this happens.