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5 investing bitcoin for who have not known yet

First, make the island through a round of price fluctuations in recent days bitcoin.

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Want to invest but do not understand what is bitcoin?

After underwent hard fork used by users on 1/8, bitcoin constantly makes investors surprised by the falling off of themselves.

While not a few investors received the bronze valuations bitcoin will decrease by the appearance of the mirror opposite of the price in cash, bitcoin back constantly rise up and break the top. To light today, the price of copper reached 4385.10 bitcoin each USD.
So what is bitcoin?
Imagine me and you're sitting in a park. I have an Apple and I for you.
So you have an Apple and I have no result. I can't control that Apple and you have full rights to use it. We also don't need a third person there to help us to make the transaction. We do not need to drag his uncle Tommy to come just to sit down with us and confirm the Apple was taken from hand to hand. That is the way the transaction in person (in-person transaction) occurs.
And now let's turn apples into an Apple. I still take my apples for you but will need to add a few other things.
How to know the number of apples was of me and now it is and I can not intervene. How do I know I have not posted this to the Apple Lisa or Joe as a file attachment in an email before then. Maybe I have to copy it into thousands of Apple before I send it to you or even I have posted onto the internet and millions of people can download it.
So we need a ledger to record all of Apple's behavior. That is why blockchain with the number of apples is bitcoin. And miner who was operating the ledger.
I have a dear friend is the miner, he can help me cheating a few transactions are not. That is not to be performed by the book blockchain does not only exist in the British miner's computer, it is a public data repository that anyone can follow and participate to make the transaction. Each miner math Prize for a transaction is Apple award. The fact this is the only way to create much more in the bitcoin system.
But the bitcoin is limited. When creating bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto has deliberately limited the supply of bitcoin is just 21 million bitcoins, so if more and dig out more than the more limited point touches bitcoin source. Currently, China is the place to dig out many bitcoin worlds.
In addition to training activities, the current transaction bitcoin also is increasing with speed. A lot of the trading floor was growing up bitcoin everywhere in the world. The following are the top 10 Community trading virtual money in the world.

Investing Bitcoin

Reviews bitcoin doubled four times since the beginning of the year. The stream of news about the powerful movements of the bitcoin has attracted attention from many sides. According to CoinDesk, at the early afternoon today, the price has increased to $4,306.42 bitcoin. For those investors who don't know anything about this, here are 5 ways to invest in bitcoin.
1. Coinbase
Coinbase is the Foundation buy, sell, convert and reserve funds of leading the world. With GDAX trading, investors can trade bitcoin directly here. In addition, GDAX also provides services for margin investors to satisfy the ECP standard based on commodity transactions Act of the United States of America. These regulations are designed for investors held more than individual investors. If the individual investor, you must have at least $5 million in investment accounts.
Coinbase is the trading platform of the world's most popular bitcoin. This platform currently serves 9.4 million customers worldwide across 32 countries with the total volume of money transactions of up to 20 billion dollars. In recent weeks, this trading floor had to stop twice because of the incident.
2. ETF Bitcoin
Although the proposed release of the bitcoin ETF of the Winklevoss brothers was American Stock Exchange Commission (SEC) denied earlier this year. In April, the SEC agreed to review open for public comment. So when the Fund approved the ETF on the bitcoin transactions in securities, the investor can through Investment Trust of Grayscale GBTC Bitcoin Fund Investment is currently traded on the OTC market and the ARK Trust ETF is a fund ETF to be listed on the New York GDCK invest in the GBTC.
3. The right to select the bitcoin
In May, the trading option called LedgerX is bitcoin 11.4 million for plans to open a trading floor and clearing money. 25/7 Committee minutes past, commodity trading futures of America has recognized LedgerX had submitted registration documents. If passed, the LedgerX will become the floor of the trade from the $ room and the payment of the first legal in America. Until LedgerX was recognized in the U.S., investors can trade options on Deribit and BitMEX bitcoin.
4. Stocks bitcoin
There are many investment companies or business operations related to bitcoin or technology blockchain. The stock will contain private and risk associated with price fluctuations less than bitcoin transactions directly. For example, the Connexus Corp is the ATM company bitcoin allows customers to change paper money to bitcoin or Global Arena Holding is a company operating in the technology of money blockchain array.
5. Bond bitcoin
Recently, the company has given Japanese Fisco test issued by the Council of the bitcoin. According to the company's announcement, holder of the bonds will be charged a 3% return and get 200 bitcoin on the time of maturity. The fourth day, the bonds are sold at a price of $813,000. Testing of bitcoin shows Fisco has become a financial asset is recognized legally in Japan and is a tool to help promote business activities.