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Why do the largest investment funds in the world still watch out for Bitcoin

With the continuous development of the Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple,.. and all the virtual coins on the market today, only from the beginning of the year 2017 to present value of capital the kind of virtual money has increased 10-fold.

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However, the Reuters news agency said that up to the present time the investors held still stands outside the virtual money market, given that this lack of market regulation, supervision levels fluctuate too high, and the lack of liquidity.
Except the year 2014, since so far the year 2011 would the largest virtual currency – Bitcoin and most famous in the world-also strong price increase than any traditional coins in the world. However, many investors still consider Bitcoin is a poor tool for transparency and mystery that is used by about crimes of money laundering, human trafficking and the weapons that they should avoid.
The wave of new investment funds specializing in investment in virtual money investors have opened a door to organization can step into the world of virtual money that they are alienated. According to technology research company Autonomous NEXT year, from the beginning up to now has 84 speculative Fund virtual money, raising the total to 110 funds with total assets 2.2 billion USD.
Even so, most of the funds are relatively small and have not been proven over time, while virtual money price fluctuates too drastically. This means that the pension funds, insurance companies, and the world's largest mutual funds still avoid virtual money.
"Virtual money exists, but is difficult to analyze the investment channel, has a very high, and some have the possibility of fraud is high," said Trevor Greetham's Fund in Royal London Asset Management (RLAM), a branch of the Royal life insurance company of London, commented.
Determining the true value of Bitcoin and other virtual currency is a hard job. We have about 17 million, but the total copper supply Bitcoin virtual money was limited to 21 million, and this figure would not be reached until the following century.
The total capital value of Bitcoin is currently near 100 billion milestones achieved, greater than the capital values of the U.S. Investment Bank Morgan Stanley, from possible only at a level of USD 15 billion earlier this year. On Friday last week, the price had exceeded the US $6,000 at Bitcoin. Earlier, the price beyond $5,000 Bitcoin early September and then declined sharply to about 1/3 in just 2 weeks later.
The second largest virtual currency is the Ethereum's even more dizzying fluctuations. From the beginning of the year to June, copper prices increased about 50 times and then plunge downhill about 1/5 before recovering. We have the Ethereum capitalization of about 30 billion dollars.
The level of such fluctuation is the reason so many investors held virtual currency list out the investment funding channels can, by putting money into the virtual portfolio will increase risks for both categories.
So, at the present time, investors poured money into speculative funds virtual money is just the wealthy individuals, the property management company for the wealthy, the personal property managers, and some venture capital funds.
Besides, it seems that many of the most powerful figures on Wall Street still watch out of the "craze" digital money.
From the beginning of the year, the value of virtual money-market capitalization has increased more than 720%, reached 145 billion dollars. In it, the first virtual coins Bitcoin, and largest, has risen more than 450%.
With that, the activities financed through the virtual money, known as virtual money first release (ICO), also thrived. Hundreds of start-up companies (startup) appeared to pursue service ICO, and have the case raised millions of DOLLARS after only a few seconds. In addition, dozens of virtual money speculation Fund has been established to pouring capital into more than 1,000 kinds of virtual money on the market and the ICO activities.
Despite the "whirlwind" virtual money are rife throughout the world, many of the "boss" in the financial sector, Wall Street banks still prove prudent. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Bank that Bitcoin is "a Hanky Panky" and will not have a happy ending. He said it would dismiss any employee found to play the virtual money.
The fellow with JPMorgan Bank CEO, billionaire Ray Dalio, the founder of the world's largest speculative Fund Bridgewater Associates, reviews: Bitcoin is "bubble". According to Ray Dalio, Bitcoin is not a stored channel good value and hard to make the transaction-the two most important criteria for a coin.
Though noticed some potential of virtual money, Morgan Stanley Bank-CEO James Gorman has yet to invest in the new property type. However, James Gorman also admits that digital currency to attract investment because of "privacy protection" and "fun things when the Central Bank cannot control it".
Also the legendary Investor Warren Buffett--CEO of Berkshire Hathaway-regarded Bitcoin is "illusion" and advised people to stay away from Bitcoin.
Axel Weber, the President of the Bank UBS asset scale 3,000 billion USD, reviews Bitcoin not qualified to be called a coin. According to him, the important function of a coin is the means of payment. It must be widely accepted, is where the storage value and must be a money transaction. Bitcoin is just a transaction.
Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs Bank, said he is still thinking about Bitcoin and not straight is supported or opposed this investment channel.
Currently, the bank Goldman Sachs are open plan study Bitcoin transactions. If this plan is executed, Goldman Sachs will become the financial services company the first blue-chip to jump on the virtual money market.
Even the Central Banks also against Bitcoin? Why?
Bitcoin still silently dominate the market, recently it has risen to a new all-time high when touching the 6,200 USD. Virtual coins Bitcoin is the main topic was discussed between investors and fishing enthusiasts as well as blockchain technology cryptocurrency. Although the currency has received much negative feedback from the central banks and Wall Street, it is still widely discussed and monitored.
This week in a statement, Goldman Sachs advised investors that the precious metals such as gold are still a good type of asset in the portfolio.
This statement was put out by the investors and the renowned critic on the media call Bitcoin is "gold". The reason is that gold is very similar indeed, Bitcoin has limited supply and prices influenced the political problems causing it to become perfect as a coin can be used daily.
To debate on this issue, Goldman pointed out that the e-wallet-where people store digital money, will increase the possibility of intrusion of hackers as well as regulatory risks. For example, the prohibition of trading bitcoin from China and the Government is still hesitant about recommending acceptance of digital money.
The Government and Central Bank have reason to be wary of a currency hierarchy as Bitcoin. Bitcoin economic model has achieved things that the Central Bank did not do, a currency does not stop the rise in prices and not be controlled by the Government.