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2 Methods to earn Bitcoin

Now in the kind of virtual money, the Bitcoin is treated as the main currency in the world of electronic money and the prices are quite high.

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Method 1. Buy sell back Bitcoin

Way 1: Long-term investments
For investors in the long term, profitable Bitcoin count by month or year
I invest money buying Bitcoin and Ether when rates in medium level
After that, I had almost forgotten this investment, until the copper and bronze are Ether Bitcoin rates are too high, I still retain Bitcoin and Ether and continue buying into the other Coin
Lessons for you here? When you have defined themselves as long-term investors, let's forget about it for a long, long time there when all week, even months to check rates.
Do not apply thinking short-term investments into long-term investment and bring in his anxiety. Risk control and keep the demeanor of a true long-term investor
Currently, the price was too high, his Bitcoin awaiting opportunity reviews Bitcoin 900 lower down it and a pile of Ether descends 9 it to continue investing in the long term. However, in that time, I will continue where investment surf style Bitcoin
Way 2: Surfing lyrics
For Bitcoin investors short, lyrics by day or by week
Every a floor virtual money will have much copper coin Bitcoin is different, the exchange rate of the currency in coin change over time, every minute of every day. You can go to Poloniex trading floor or BTC-E to conduct transactions and surf
So what is the story here, you are short-term investors guard low prices and then buy virtual money on, then sat up and then sell price pending soup.
My advice is to use your head a long-term investor to make money short term, you should only spend 1 hour a day for form make money surfing, don't take all day, take on the screen to look at exchange rate fluctuations. Not the affect of emotions, that you cannot do anything else. If so, the Board is not an investor. The main emotion is the enemy of success. Please know how to control the greed and fear of himself.
In fact, many people do once was surfing can earn up to $100-$ 500 or even more.

Method 2. Dig Bitcoin

Often people or dig the coin of low value and are waiting for the price to climb. However, we can also dig Bitcoin
Way 1: Cloud mining
For investors in the medium term and long term profit calculated by month or by year
They encourage digging Bitcoin as low-risk and profitable
There are many large investors, they invest the computers are configured as the terrorist is only super dug coin by coin intensive algorithms.
Then they will allow you to create an account through the Website, and invite you to become a partner by purchasing the investment the clouds peach, the nature of which is the VPS host or digging speed (MHz/GHz).
Basically, the more you invest, the more you have chances to earn more money Bitcoin. Time is 3-7, the provider options. So in the first few months, you just return rather than acquire a coin Word. But if you bear the long-term investor will collect large profits
The advantage is that you only work from and automatically run Bitcoin wallet account without loss of effort management.
The downside is only for the private home for short term and long term. You would like to make fast food should not make money this Bitcoin way
Her introduction for you 3 cloud rental service that you know, that's the Genesis HashOcean, Eobot, and Mining. After the survey, I found 3 different services as follows:
Genesis Mining payback is about, 3-4, training duration is 2 years Bitcoin
Hashocean payback period is about 3-4 months, training duration is 2 years Bitcoin.
Eobot payback period is about 6-7 months, training duration is 5 years Bitcoin.
After his return, the remaining training time is money you are earning profits from the dig Bitcoin
The time retrieved his capital stated above only chât reference for you but basically, you invest as much, then the time will be faster.
According to yourself then you should play in the Genesis Mining or HashOcean because of the time is taken to capital faster and less risky.
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The account creation guide Genesis Mining investment and dig dug or Ethereum Bitcoin
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Instructions to create an account HashOcean and training investment Bitcoin

Way 2: hire VPS to dig through some of the Bitcoin Site pages allow the digging that uses directly in your browser
For investors less money
I think you should dig this safe and because Bitcoin costs cheaper

Way 3: investment in staging machine to dig Bitcoin directly without going through the intermediary service
For that much money investors.
I don't encourage investment form this way because of the high risk due to large investment costs
Dig Bitcoin is the training algorithm is extremely complex encryption. To dig the Bitcoin directly, you need to shop for his computer server configured crisis or Super horrible about the CPU and VGA.
Often people mainly use the VGA Card crisis to decodes coin rather than CPU
After a system crisis, you download software decode coin (depending on each coin that it will give you software to decode attached).
Configure the account and set the coin purse for software decoding
Run the software to decode and hang out with.
After subtracting costs money, you will have no small profit.
Recovery time is about 5 months to 6 months
After plowing machine coin was about 2 years then sell the old VGA to VGA card new investment
VGA new speed as quickly as possible because the technology on a come up.
The conclusion
Now the price has been too high a Bitcoin but we can make money using one of the Bitcoin money form specified above. And despite how you may also combine surfing to increase revenue in the short term.