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5 large impacts that Bitcoin affects your life

Bitcoin has really changed your life? Your answer is Yes, definitely 100% on that.

And indeed, at the present time Bitcoin has brought a lot of value to me. Do not know how you, but most of the participants are investing think so.
Like this life, if there is no Internet then we really can't know anything much and didn't catch up with the world trend. And Bitcoin is called "the Internet of Money" means the money of the Internet world.
It's called, the world is changing day by day and we must adapt, acceptance and learn what new is happening.
Some banks, the Government and the companies doing about the financial services world have started to accept and use the Bitcoin to operate normally.
For example, the citizens of Greece, India, and Venezuela have been trapped in recent times due to political corruption and economic tests that have devastated their economy.
With the global picture in Bitcoin, Government and financial companies to act in a more equitable manner and are more accountable, because of two main reasons are:
- Transfer money using Bitcoin has relatively low costs in comparison with international bank transfer. Send money abroad by using Bitcoin (or other Cryptocurrency) can be done without using any through the banking system.
- Bitcoin cannot be created or devalued by the national Government and is therefore not affected by inflation. Citizens of countries with undeveloped economies can buy bitcoin to protect their money from the decline in the value of national currencies. The same thing also applies to USD, GBP, and Euro.
Bitcoin has leveled the playing field for everyone. Fair fees, monetary value through peer transition and global competition.
Even some politicians seem to agree with this:
- Al Gore, former U.S. Vice President, and Nobel Peace Prize winner said: "I am a big fan of the Bitcoin. Regulation of the money supply needs to be purified. "
Even the best stock investors are considered successful if they can earn 20% of the profits from the money of their capital in a year. But the Bank charged interest for them? 0.5% per year? (really too little and we should find the opportunity to be better run amount).
Bitcoin has skyrocketed since the year 2009% 53000 on when the first block ("blocks") was created.
And the future value of bitcoin is very talented. Only 21 million Bitcoin can be produced based on distributed computer code (and 16 million were in circulation), meaning very limited bitcoin.
Experts and famous businessmen feel astounded with the terrible growth of Bitcoin.
- Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Galactic, and 400 + other business says: "Virgin Galactic is a daring business technology. It is towards a revolution and Bitcoin also do so when a new currency. "
- John McAfee, founder of McAfee
"You cannot stop with things like Bitcoin. It will spread everywhere and the world will have to consider. The world's Governments will have to consider and review "
- Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google "Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency notable achievement and the ability to create a non-duplicate value in the digital world so big"
If you have ever wanted a better life for his family, and later the society then please look at and study the Bitcoin.
On just the separate opinions, the decision is in you but I see huge potential Bitcoin and the whole world is watching. And if you ask should I invest Bitcoin now or not? Then the answer is Yes, go fast don't delay.
Why should we act immediately?
Because, the people in the world the Internet has identified and if that is true, then there is no better time for you to invest and buy Bitcoin.
Bitcoin has the potential to make people achieve financial freedom. Bitcoin is available on the phone, the computer, ... and anywhere there is the Internet.
It even changed the lives of the poor. Help them achieve comfort in life.
Take for example her friend:
He is a very good at financial markets and said to Cryptocurrency shortly. Previously, he had a life not comfortable, do enough trades. But since known Bitcoin and in the right direction, that has driven faster than he gets what he desired as long has acquired the land, and many cars are planned after this one.
So, you have also seen the potential influence of the Bitcoin how.
This opens up a new micro-economies in distant places around the world and will certainly lead to a better quality of life for all people.
Really Bitcoin is easy to use, the same as the Bank. Also have a debit card, international money transfer, and currency exchange.
Instead of using the bank card, you can pay bills immediately by electronic purse by Bitcoin (similar to normal online payments).
And once you're interested in and use the Bitcoin then you will explore, research certainly one thing that you will notice is the BTM for loaded withdraw Bitcoin. In Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi. The cafes have also been integrated payment by Bitcoin.
All in all
Bitcoin doesn't just stop here
Bitcoin appears to restructure the economy of modern society. Delete the outdated banking, security services and given full control for your use with multiple currency accounts on your smartphone that no agency or organization would be able to intervene.
- In response to fluctuations in currency rates, to profit from the change in exchange rate
- Control your financial happiness, security, and privacy
- Benefit from the latest trends in network security
- As a part of the future more open, fair, the vogue of the United
Kingdom for all people.
Remember: the value of Bitcoin tend to go up and the future is very bright.
You can ignore and not interested in the Bitcoin until everyone is using. Or you can also lead to experience before all things, and share great knowledge with him to everyone. It is in no one's forcing you to customize this. Simple is like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning or simply do charity (these things no one forcing you).
If you are using Bitcoin then you have the right to do things his own way:
- Manage your money
- Save and invest
- Smart spending
- Is your own Central Bank
- Support global financial innovation in the areas of difficulty
- Learn about the new way of life, choice for consumers understanding bitcoin
- And so much more ...
The post on is quite lengthy but you can refer and their own direction. If you have any questions, you can message for her to get the answers and do not forget to share articles if found useful, and your comment is posted on them! And remember that 5 major impact in the lives of Bitcoin is: fairness, wealth, ability to access, easy to manipulate and choice.