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10 truths which no one knows about the Bitcoin

Bitcoin-a virtual currency is causing the fever on financial markets of the world in General and, more recently, in Vietnam.

Just one time tied bitcoin has sparked much controversy about the value, as well as future applications of digital currencies. However with many attractive still bitcoin investors.
Even the most of high-tech experts have a hard time to find out about the Bitcoin. This money is a hot topic and is discussed regularly in the investment world. So, there are many things you should know about it.
Although the transaction is put into new 8.5 years, bitcoin is considered a coin of ancient and have the highest value in the history. In just a short time have created volatility in the market and controversial, but still attractive bitcoin with a large investor.
1. The origin of the bitcoin
Bitcoin birth since 2008 when the "father" of it-a man nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto announced 1 description of document 1 digital system peer (peer-to-peer) called bitcoin.
Nakamoto then left this project in 2010 and disappear, but the "miners" were to continue this work. The birthday of the bitcoin on 3/1 is when Nakamoto dug 50 unit first bitcoin.
2. The identity of the person who created the bitcoin is still a hidden number
Until now the true identity of the person standing behind the bitcoin has yet to be revealed. Sheets of Newsweek once claimed to have found the identity "father bitcoin" in 2014, residents of Dorian, Satoshi Nakamoto city. However, this man has denied.
By the year 2015, an Australian businessman Craig Wright himself who created the bitcoin but cannot give compelling evidence. Last year, he resumed giving evidence and after The Economist approach with Wright has drawn the conclusion more likely this is Satoshi Nakamoto. Although who is surely Nakamoto, this is a very wealthy man by founders estimated this has "dug" millions of bitcoin from the early days.
3. The most expensive pizza of all time was bought by bitcoin
The first transaction involving bitcoin on 22/05/2010 when a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz said he had just 10,000 successful transaction bitcoin to buy a pizza. As of 20/09/2017, 10,000 bitcoin valued at about 38 million and it is the world's most expensive pizza.
4. You can shop by using bitcoin
This may seem hard to believe but it is clear that people can still use the bitcoin to sell the goods. Many large businesses currently accept payment by this virtual coins include, Expedia, Newegg, and Dish. Peach Aviation became the first airline in Japan to accept payment of air tickets in the Bitcoin in the context of this cheap airlines are trying to attract Asian customers.
5. The U.S. Government each hold a lot of bitcoin
There was the time the American Government is one where holds many bitcoin. In 2013, after the FBI closed the Silk Road (Silk Road)-a black web that people can buy drugs and other goods, illegal services, the US Government takeover of the bitcoin wallet that this management website, one of which holds about 144,000 units bitcoin. Then the number this bitcoin went auction and we still have the auction of bitcoin seized from illegal activities.
6. Easy to steal Bitcoin?
Beginning in 2014, bitcoin has endured heavy losses after the floor of Mt. Gox in Japan was attacked. At that price, calculated according to the number of stolen bitcoin has a value of up to 460 million dollars. It was stolen in the largest bitcoin history and it has raised many concerns about the safety of this coin.
7. The views of the billionaires of bitcoin
Warren Buffett, the world's most famous investor, no excitement with bitcoin. One of the rare times he talks about this virtual currencies on CNBC: "Let's get away from it, it is a kind of illusion. The idea about holding a very large virtual money for me is just a joke ".
Another billionaire investor, Jamie Dimon-CEO of JPMorgan Chase is even given the strong criticism of the bitcoin. "You can't have a business where people invented a currency only existed in the air. It will never have the wraps ... A lot of people will damage and then is Government intervention ".
However, not all billionaires are "turned" with bitcoin. Mark Cuban has said that the value of bitcoin is being hyped, but recently he invests in a venture capital fund bitcoin. For billionaire Richard Branson, he quite optimistic about the future of the currency.
8. The affluent investor
One of the most remarkable bitcoin are Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss-pairs of twins from Harvard Graduate ever sued Mark Zuckerberg because for that Facebook was born thanks to based on their ideas.
In 2013, a pair of twins has invested 11 million USD in equal numbers, bitcoin worth 1% of bitcoin is the circulation at that time. Even, the two investors have submitted to the SEC created a trading fund money of bitcoin, however, this proposal was rejected earlier this year.
Besides, entrepreneur and investor Erik Finman are also one of the famous bitcoin investors. He has invested $1,000 in the new age of 14 and now when bitcoin has become a millionaire.
9. Many of the famous people are also interested in bitcoin
Many notable people in the entertainment world also expressed interest in this virtual coins. Actor and founder of Goop Gwyneth Paltrow hint should use Abra-a category for bitcoin. Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher, Nas, and Floyd Mayweather are both invested in the startup of bitcoin.
10. The support from a major financial institution
In August the year 2017, Fidelity Investments became the rare highlights among the financial institutions want to hold other currencies and many bitcoin. This company allows the customer to use Fidelity's website to track the holding to his bitcoin through Coinbase e-wallet providers.