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What is future bitcoin? Explain about future Bitcoin contract

A when futures contracts have been set, both parties must accept buy and sell at the price agreed before that, regardless of the external market price situation has transformed how at the maturity date of the contract.
1. Future transactions (also known as spot trading after)?

The goal is not necessarily to maximize profits. Trading futures is a risk control tools, often used in financial markets to protect investors from the risks due to fluctuations in the price of a property often buy and sell transactions daily.
Trading futures is also often used in the portfolio package to balance the volatility of the business if the value of the asset is included in it or fluctuating up and down swings.
The model contract as on negotiations and deals go on sale again on a future contract trading, acts as the medial side.
2. Active futures contracts?
There are two locations you can choose when to join futures contracts: it is bought (long) and sells (short).
If you choose to buy, you agree to purchase a property in the future at a fixed price when the contract to date. Conversely, if you choose to sell, you accept to sell the property at the agreed price when the contract matures.
However, besides that there are also many investors will use the futures contracts as a speculative tool, instead of using them as methods of protection.
They will try to buy if the price is low. Then, when price increases gradually, the value of the contract becomes higher, investors can choose to exchange it for another person to take the money before contract maturity.
3. The contract future is Bitcoin?
Futures contracts can be used not only for physical assets but also can carry out to trading financial asset.
With future Bitcoin transactions form, the value recorded in the contract will be based on the price and from which speculators Bitcoin can "bet" based on their beliefs about the Bitcoin will increase how to reductions when the contract matures.
Besides, it allows investors to infer values Bitcoin but need not actually owned this e-currency.
Therefore, 2 large results occur:
One is, however, not yet been regulated, Bitcoin futures contract Bitcoin can carry trades on the stock trading floor was licensed. This is very good news for those who still fear before choosing to join the market because market capital Bitcoin Bitcoin completely lack supervision by the authorities.
Two is that, in the area where the Bitcoin transactions completely prohibited, future contract form can still allow investors to observe the value of the currency.
4. Future active Bitcoin contract like?
Futures contract Bitcoin will work the same principle as with traditional financial assets.
Through the anticipated material price BTC will up or down, the speculators will buy or sell options contracts Bitcoin his future.
5. Futures contracts make sense of how a price of Bitcoin?
In the short term, it could help push the price and increase the public's excitement for the field of electronic money.
Price Index
On the day that a futures contract Bitcoin was first deployed on the floor of the CBOE-equities trading floor is America is licensed and full management, the price has soared 10% to $16.936 level.
The long-term impact is difficult to predict the price up, but overall, the price of Bitcoin will still have the power to raise prices.
6. More likely in the coming period, the price will continue to go up Bitcoin?
There are a number of reasons explain the ability on.
Because futures contracts Bitcoin is deployed on the mass floor management, it gives those previously skeptical about capital Bitcoin when nobody would help to increase the value of it, the confidence to invest.
Investment institutions from which will start contract solicitation Bitcoin client to the future as viable investment projects.
It offers much more liquidity to the market, help people to easily buy and sell and exchange electronic money more, thereby making this area easy to make Word more in the eyes of investors.
It is open to a large number of Bitcoin market investors, including those countries that had previously barred the door money.
Because futures contracts are designed to balance the volatility or happen to property type is in it, it also partly resulted in less erratic fluctuations than the Bitcoin.
7. Implications for the entire industry of Bitcoin
There is a few end up as follows.
First, Bitcoin supposedly represents the face of electronic money. So, if the price of Bitcoin surprise spike in just a short period of time, because the contract or future Bitcoin regardless of any other factors, more and more people will pay attention to.
When that rate of interest to the industry of electronic money increase, the price of the altcoin will also be beneficial and drag both the market go up.
However, there is also the reverse: investors may want to sell all of his altcoins to move through the purchase of Bitcoin, arrest its strong growth momentum. The rush massively can do severe price slump altcoin segment.
The prospect has a higher probability that the altcoin have a foothold as Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, ... will continue and become the Bitcoin property type traded on the floor of the future, once the excitement of investors for them to become big enough.
8. Can trade futures Bitcoin?
Currently, exist two separate market allows you to buy and sell contracts Bitcoin future.
The first approach is on the electronic money transactions have provided services on as OKCoin or BitMEX. The flooring has introduced this new type was quite long but didn't get much attention.
The second option is to proceed to public trading has been managed. This method just appeared recently and is one of the main reasons causing the Bitcoin constantly peaked in the month of 12/2017.
All CBOE events beginning with the launch of futures contracts on Bitcoin 10/12 (0h00 day 11/12 according to Vietnam now). A great brand is the CME has also deployed this service today. Besides, a number of other financial institutions such as the Nasdaq, JPMorgan Chase, and TD Ameritrade has also expressed a desire to be involved in contract market Bitcoin lucrative future and this potential.

The growth in the price of Bitcoin

In the year 2009, the year the Bitcoin was released, no one could think that it will gain popularity as such. The initial price is about $1. In the next five years, no events featured anything, so the slow increase and less volatility.
1. How did the price of the Bitcoin grow likely?

In the year 2013, Bitcoin attracted a lot of attention because of the banking crisis, the Republic of Cyprus. In November 2013, the year China began buying large quantities of BTC and the 1000% increase. However, that increase did not last long.
In February the year 2014, there is a DDoS attack the hosts of Mt. Gox. At that point, Mt. Gox control about 60 percent of the Bitcoin transactions. This event has made Bitcoin difficult and its price has fallen 40%. Price continued falling down from there until January the year 2015.
In the year 2015, Bitcoin became increasingly popular, the price has started to increase slightly. The process takes place while slowly but surely.
Since May the year 2016, Bitcoin has received many more trust, and its price has continued to rise.
In June the year 2017, the market witnessed a strong decline and its price reduced to 14%. Today, Bitcoin is regaining his position.
2. What factors affect the price of Bitcoin?
There are a number of factors influencing Bitcoin from time to time.
2.1 Supply and demand market
This factor is huge. Today, Bitcoin without any physical equivalent would in the real world, so the ORGANIZERS sold on the trading floor. Main principles of Economics said that if people buy a coin, its price rises and if the person selling the currency, its price will fall. Bitcoin is no exception. In the autumn of 2013, the price has increased due to China's needs.
2.2 The total number of Bitcoin and who owns Bitcoin
The total number of Bitcoin is 21 million, but they were created gradually over time.
At present, there are about 16 million and more than 14 million people have the ORGANIZERS for BTC. These numbers are increasing rapidly. And because the number of Bitcoin is fixed, the BTC will continue to increase.
2.3 News on the mass media
There's always the human element-e.g. how people might react to the news. For example, remember the level of 25% discount after Ross Ulbricht arrested to see clearly the influence of public opinion is like.
2.4 Technical issues
Bitcoin has an open-source, so people can check it. The new update to fix some bugs and weaknesses in code can create the motivation for price growth. Meanwhile, the successful account hacks or attack the server can reduce the rates. In August the year 2016, some hackers discovered a security issue in Bitfinex and reviews of Bitfinex fell soon after.
2.5 The political and economic events around the world
In the era of globalization, the decision can only in one country but has to influence the whole world. For example, the accept Bitcoin as a means of payment in Japan.
2.6 Strong fluctuations
Volatility is the level of price fluctuations over time. The volatility related to the level of risk or uncertainty about the value of a stock. Stronger fluctuations mean that stock's value may have been inflated. In other words, the stock's price can change dramatically in a short period of time in both directions. The volatility of the Bitcoin is about 10% at this point, but it is down.
3. What can guarantee for Bitcoin?
Bitcoin doesn't have any physical assurance.
Means it is not supported by any precious metals or international agreements. However, it has all the characteristics of money such as:
- Consistency: all Bitcoin has value. Unable to distinguish this with other Bitcoin-Bitcoin different from each other. Each ORGANIZER has the same value and price.
- The Division: worth every Bitcoin can be divided into smaller parts.
- Portability: individuals can bring money and easily transfer it to other individuals.
- Maintenance: after release, Bitcoin will survive in an unknown time in the system. It will not disappear in time.
- Postulation: everyone can easily distinguish Bitcoin with electronic money.
- Security: Bitcoin is protected from forgery, theft and change information about the transaction.
The main difference between the ORGANIZER and the real currency is all the features above are guaranteed by the methods, algorithms, and protocols are proven by mathematics.
4. The considerable price fluctuations of the Bitcoin
There have been a number of significant price changes in the history of the Bitcoin.
4.1 Affected by technology
In February the year 2011, the floor Mt. Gox was established, allowing people to change dollars into Bitcoin. Therefore, the price has increased from $0.05 Bitcoin/BTC up on 1 USD/Organizer.
In February the year 2014, Mt. Gox claimed a DDoS attack on its servers. At that time, Mt. Gox control about 60% of transactions of the Bitcoin. As a result, prices have fallen by 30%.
4.2 Affected by international events
From October to November the year 2013, the world Organization announced that they have started to accept payments using Bitcoin. The Chinese began buying Bitcoin, and nothing surprising, the price has increased 1000%, from 120 $/BTC up $1,150/BTC.
In December the year 2013, the People's Bank of China has banned payment by Bitcoin, price reduced $500/BTC.
4.3 The influence of mass media
In April the year 2010, an updated version of the source code was announced. After that article, the price was increased 10 times the Bitcoin.
In April the year 2011, Time magazine has published articles about the Bitcoin, in which the author speaks about the future of electronic money. Soon after, the price has increased from 10 to 30 Bitcoin $/BTC.
5. What will happen with Bitcoin?
It's hard to predict something for sure.
Any kind of money would also be collapsed. There are several types of currency was devalued the Dong as the German Papiermark or Zimbabwe Dollar. In a short time, their prices rising almost to zero. They are not used anymore because the price of goods and services soared.
Theoretically, these technical problems and limitations, code issues, political events and decisions, the kind of electronic money are the factors that affect with Bitcoin. However, at present, no conditions ahead to Bitcoin devaluation.
Many representatives of the community of Crypto and investors believed Bitcoin currently is stable and is not a "bubble".
Bitcoin quite young, about 10 years, and it has huge growth potential.
It is difficult to predict the volatility of the price of Bitcoin to learn more about current and upcoming trends. We regularly monitor the market and updated news to can help somewhat with the forecast.

The fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin during the end of the year

In early December, bitcoin price increases from $10,240 up 19,994 USD, i.e. nearly doubled in value. However, electronic money has the US $11,000 it was in session on 22/12, according to the data of CoinMarketCap.
1. Virtual Money Bitcoin fall badly

Meanwhile, Ethereum-virtual money has the second largest market capitalization only to plummet at 550 bitcoin USD.
Virtual money world has had an unlucky day discounts do not break the cut hole, closing words of speculators. Just in the past 24 hours, the Ethereum has 27.4% depreciation, 36.3% Cash-Bitcoin, Ripple-6.2% and Litecoin-29%, all slumped.
"Black Friday" was blown out of the 179 billion market for electronic money, put the value of the whole market to 471 billion.
With this drag reduction levels drop, bitcoin momentum increase from early May. The adjective 1/12, bitcoin price increases around 30%, if from the beginning of the year, bitcoin rose 1,300%. On 22/12 alone, lost to 40% bitcoin value compared to the previous week's record milestone.
2. Soaring again after the Bitcoin hit bottom
According to gender analysis, comments from the Central Bank, decided to sell the full amount of the holding of the virtual founder of Dong litecoin and want to reduce the rate of the psychological hold before entering the holiday of investors have the same resonance and makes the price plunge steeply.
Bitcoin and many others have coins increase, ending discount momentum have lasted 4 days and make the whole world should pay more attention to the world of money-market to date has reached 500 billion scales but often being called bong the ball. In the worst rush since the year 2015 to date, bitcoin has lost 24% of the value.
Only in session on 22/12, to 30% reduction when bitcoin hit bottom. On 21/12, litecoin also fell 43% in just 1 day. However, according to the data on the at 11 h day 23/12, bitcoin has increased prices compared with 24 hours in advance, to $15,143. The coin has the second biggest capitalization value is Ethereum 18.62% price increase, while 42% increase in cash bitcoin. Litecoin increased by 30%.
The momentum of recovery also coincided with the "Storm" of negative information about the money market has temporarily stopped. According to gender analysis, the commentary from the Central Bank, decided to sell the full amount of the holding of the virtual founder of litecoin and want to reduce the rate of the psychological hold before entering the holiday of investors have the same resonance and prompting reviews steep plunge.
Such a move "pour more oil on the fire", Michael Novogratz, who worked at Goldman Sachs, predicts the bitcoin can further reduce the price to just $8,000 and he will defer plans to open the Fund to invest the money. Just a few days ago Novogratz predicted bitcoin can hitting 40,000 USD for a few months.
Meanwhile Coinbase, one of the biggest money trading world, the play suddenly take notice all transactions of purchase and sale will temporarily not be executed. In South Korea, Yapian, the company that owns Bitcoin exchange Youbit announced that they will close and they are in the process of bankruptcy after being attacked and damaged 17% of total assets.
A series of warnings that the water authorities for investments also create global momentum. In the interview with Bild, said Felix Hufeld, President of the watchdog BaFin, the German banking system giving advice that bitcoin transactions can make investors lose everything and become the "bitter losses in".
Three days earlier, the head of the financial services agency of the European Union EU Valdis Dombrovskis, asking leaders of the 3 the financial supervision authority of the EU updated warning posted to the public, given that this is the "urgent problem" is based on the latest happenings of the money market.
"Price hikes and rises very abruptly, the next time I would not be surprised if the market fell on strong adjustment status. The worrying thing is the small retail investor has lost white will pose the question why authorities not to intervene to help them. And the answer would be: because it is a casino. The bitter truth is so ", Bloomberg cited the letter he sent Dombrovskis.
3. Wave rush bitcoin rise occasion
The number of money market was not able to reverse the situation with the rush continued on an extension. The recovery momentum quickly disappeared, prompting investors to again fall into pessimism.
According to the data on the at the time of writing, the price at about $13,800, bitcoin news rising near 1/3 versus $19,511 peak. The same as cash, litecoin, bitcoin ripple are also discounted. Meanwhile, after dropping $663, Ethereum, coins for the second largest number of reviews according to the value of capital goods, were recovering.
By Mati Greenspan, senior analyst at online brokerage eToro, the rush is coming from the West with trading volume increased in USD and JPY falling down. According to him, the rising momentum of recent money market number too large that investors want to handle a temporary break and reply to enjoy Christmas.
However, this is quite unusual with money-market usually recovered sharply in just a short time. For the last five consecutive sessions off bitcoin is from September. Although this market is usually very strong, the dislocation in a rush this time makes the most optimistic investors also have to balk.
Just in the past 3 days, the market value of the coins, the largest number had plunged a total of about 160 billion dollars. Last week the market has overwhelming welcome bad news, from the tough warnings of the officials to the issue on the floor. While Greenspan said that "the time has come to return to reality". "Anything that has 150% price increase in less than a month is going to have to turn around falling at the rate of 2 numbers," he said.
Mike McGlone, Bloomberg's Intelligence analysts, identified "numerous coins based on blockchain technology are gradually entered the main stage, but some of the second generation are better prospects bitcoin". Look at the money market of today can find similar stories as the Internet company in the first period, a few dozen years, he said.
"Bitcoin can be the standard for the market, but not as representing the best technology". According to him, the future will belong to the same altcoin.

Long way from 0.01 to 11,000 USD of bitcoin

In 2010, the starting price of the Bitcoin is 0.01 USD, i.e. less than 1 cents rather than say 1 USD. Meanwhile on the past 29/11 price was officially crossed the 11,000 milestone bitcoin USD, the highest of all time. Once considered the "Oasis" of the guys fall programming with peculiar ideas. If the mention of bitcoin, people think followers of liberalism and the smuggler, now bitcoin has received hundreds of millions of DOLLARS from the Fund speculation, is the hottest topic on world financial markets.
With the momentum of fast growth, strong, no one can know in advance is bitcoin is a giant balloon or acknowledgment of the financial world belatedly about the special coins. However, at present no one ignored bitcoin. So what is bitcoin and copied its price again increased sharply to as such?
1. Exactly what is bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a form of virtual money that you can't be in it in her hand, bitcoin was real stores accept, was not released or backed by the Government as the other coins.
The core of the bitcoin or similar virtual currencies is the set of protocols that produces the code number and track transactions that are difficult to counterfeit or can use the token. 1 bitcoin has value only when the user agrees that no value.
2. Bitcoin stem from?
The information about the bitcoin was first published in 2008 by 1 person or group who uses the pen name is Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto so far remains a mystery yet to be solved.
Today, long titles online have use of virtual money, but especially in the bitcoin idea behind it. That is the idea of the blockchain, 1 ledger online was widely recorded transactions bitcoin.
3. Active Blockchain?
Think about what will happen when you trip money online transactions through a bank. When the Bank confirm you have the money and you want to transfer the amount minus the amount will be transferred from this account to another account. You can see the results if the login to your account, however, this transaction is controlled by the Bank.
Meanwhile, Blockchain is the database can perform this monitoring function when you transfer money to the bank or any centralized authority.
4. Who performs the functions of the Bank of the bitcoin?
1 network of Africa focus will make the banking functions of bitcoin. Accordingly, the transaction bitcoin can be made through the website provided for electronic will continuously upload data onto the system. The new Exchange will be pooled into 1 block (block) and transmit directly to the system to be confirmed by the "miner bitcoin".
5. Who is the miner bitcoin?
Anyone, as long as you have the computer really fast, strong and loved solving puzzles. The data in each block is encrypted by the formula can only be unlocked by "trial and error" on a giant scale.

Miners dig bitcoin computer array super powerful because they have to compete to become the first to decipher the password. When answering a miner was confirmed by others, the data series of data blocks and add miners bitcoin reward, copper was released.
6. How to prevent cheating?
Before each piece contains links to the data block, if you use a bitcoin, which means more repeats in the data, then the system will n GI "in the process of detection of cheating. Miners competition, every step must be verified.
7. Bitcoin is popular because once a drug dealer?
This is a correct judgment because the most striking is the anonymity of bitcoin. Until now, these sites from smuggling weapons to drugs mostly with bitcoin payment. Among them, the most famous is the black market size of $12 billion, the silk road was closed, it is illegal in 2013.
A Nobel prize economist Joseph Stiglitz recently let bitcoin, need to set up the "illegal", because it is designed to evade the law and without any useful social work".
8. What is changed, the emergence of bitcoin?
Since appearance, bitcoin's reputation has been much improved, partly because some large-scale theft has been greatly reduced. Typical as of 2014, a large number of bitcoins stolen floor Mt. GOx and shock, let bitcoin prices fall. At present, although is still a cause for concern, the security level of bitcoin is improved.
9. What is the blockchain attractive?
The blockchain supporters say this is a completely new method will help change the business across the board. Will reduce the cost, because there is no need for a centralized agency work, and then track the charge exchange. This is why the banks and the stock exchange has recently invested in strong blockchain technology. Several retail - like WAL-MART WAL-MART is also testing the use of blockchain, to ensure food safety. There are even rumors that the central bank to issue coins based on blockchain technology.
10. Why bitcoin rising power?
The suction of bitcoin, so many investors to open an account, which helps to increase the price of bitcoin from the beginning to 11. The two exchanges CME group and other new green lighting provides futures bitcoin, let money become more attractive, especially in the past 29 / 11 days, fell on the floor coinbase state can not visit, visits a sudden increase in the three - times, usually because of too many people to register a new account the average every week, the birth of the first fund focused on money, now the number has exceeded 100. Most of the investment at least part of the budget in bitcoin.
11. Is this a bubble?
Is the problem in the bitcoin bubble? Some of them, the most prominent is Morgan Chase CEO Jamie called Dimon - bitcoin "scam". However, the main bank in consideration of contract to provide customers with bitcoin's future. Mike fund management Novogratz called money bitcoin is the biggest bubble in the world ", but opened a $50 billion investment in the amount of money.
Bitcoin prices in the future, it is expected to double but is also considered to return to zero, who is the answer depends on who you ask.
12. How to buy or invest in bitcoin?
There are many different methods of bitcoin risk investment. You can buy directly from the exchange coinbase. For those investment experts, they will choose the investment fund tracking the price of bitcoin, bitcoin investment smoothly